Here is the complete list of recent posts/publications uploaded on Education for All in India; this includes a wide range of publications from school to higher education, from data analysis to its implications for universal school education, district planning under Samagra Shiksha, the role of indicators in planning, DIETs status, and prospects, computation of indicators, critical analysis of UDISEPlus  and AISHE data and other aspects of education in India.

Most Recent Publications: Education for All in India, 2023

  1. A Comparative Study of DIET & Other Teacher Training Institutions in India
  2. Admission under Educationally Weaker Section (EWS) Quota: Meaning, Criteria, Eligibility & Sources of Data (2023)
  3. All India Survey on Higher Education 2020-21: Analysis & Implications for Achieving a 50 percent GER by 2035
  4. Analysis of Cyber Safety Orientation in Government Schools in India An Examination of UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data
  5. Analyzing the Education Landscape in India: School Numbers, Enrolment & Teacher Distribution
  6. Analysis of Schools with PCs and Integrated Teaching Learning Devices in India – A Comprehensive Overview Based on UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data

  7. Analysis of Psycho-Social Aspects Training in Government & Government-Aided Schools in In
  8. A Note on Status of Education in India (2023)
  9. Age-Specific Enrolment Ratio (ASER): Bridging the Educational Divide
  10. AIHES & Status of Higher Education 2023
  11. All about DIETs in India: Present Status & Challenges
  12. All about RTE Act 2009
  13. All about SIEMAT 2023
  14. An Introduction to Cluster Resource Centre in India, 2023: Origin, Concept, Status, Criteria & Functions
  15. Analysis of Gross Enrollment Ratio 2021-22 (UDISEPlus 2021-22)
  16. Are school teachers in India burdened?
  17. Aspirational Districts Program: NITI Aayog’s Initiative for Holistic Development
  18. Average Annual Growth Rate: Muslim Enrolment in Higher Education
  19. Benefits of Conducting a Caste-Based Census in India 2023
  20. Best Practices in District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) 2023
  21. Census of India Historical Perspective 2023
  22. Challenges & Initiatives in India’s Education System 2023
  23. Challenges Facing District Institutes of Education & Training (DIETs) in India (2023)
  24. Challenges & Solutions School Planning in India
  25. Challenges and Opportunities of Foreign Faculty Recruitment in Indian Universities
  26. Codes, Concepts & Definitions of  UDISEPlus
  27. Computation of Out-of-School Children Based on Administrative Data (UDISEPlus 2021-22)
  28. Contemporary Challenges in Indian Higher Education: A Concise Appraisal based on AISHE 2020-21 Data
  29. Danger of Gambling & Drug Addiction among College Students in India with a Focus on Punjab
  30. Data Limitations in Muslim Education in India (2023)
  31. DIET and Sustainable Development: A Vision for the Future
  32. DIET in Strengthening Education System
  33. DIET’s contribution to the National Skill Development Mission: Opportunities & Challenges
  34. DIET’s Current Programs & Initiatives
  35. DIET’s Future Plans, Innovations & Challenges
  36. DIET’s Impact on the Local Community
  37. Digital Divide in Schools in India: Challenges and Solutions
  38. Digital Libraries in Schools in India: A Comprehensive Analysis Based on UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data
  39. Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme of the Government of India 2023
  40. Dropout Rates in Schools in India: An Analysis of UDISE+ 2021-22 Data
  41. Economic Influence of International Students on India’s Higher Education System
  42. EDUCATION: Building India’s Future at 100
  43. Education & Artificial Intelligence, Understanding Plagiarism 2023
  44. Education & Employment in India: Navigating Challenges & Unlocking Opportunities 2023
  45. Education Challenges & Government Initiatives: A Comprehensive Analysis of Scheduled Tribes Population in India (2023)
  46. Education Planning for Sustainable Development
  47. Education Policy & Planning in India
  48. Educational Insurance Policies and Benefits in India
  49. Educational Portals in India: School & Higher Education (MoE)
  50. Educational Surveys in India 2023
  51. Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) in India: Meaning, Origin & Criteria 2023
  52. EFA History, Status & Challenges, India 2023
  53. Efficiency Indicators: A Gender & Religious Perspective with a Focus on Muslim Students Using UDISEPlus Data 2021-22 in India
  54. Empowering Children through Innovation & Advocacy: A Case of NGOs in India in School Education 2023
  55. Empowering Scheduled Caste Children: Challenges, Government Programs & the Path to Universal School Education in India 2023
  56. Enhancing Accessibility for Children with Special Needs: Analysis  based on UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data
  57. Enhancing Scholarly Writing and Preventing Plagiarism with Grammarly Software: Focussing Ph.D. Students/Scholars
  58. Evolving Trends in Indian Examinations and Assessments: A Paradigm Shift
  59. Examining Enrollment Impact: From Primary Education to Higher Education in India – NER Insights 2023
  60. Exploring the Share of OBC Enrollment in India’s School Education System (2023)
  61. Functional Projector Availability in Schools: Implications for Quality Education (2023)
  62. Future of DIET: Exploring Potential Directions & Opportunities for Growth 2023
  63. Gender Parity Index: Understanding its Importance in Achieving Universal School Education in India 2023
  64. GER at Higher Education Level in India: Brief Analysis, 2023
  65. Global Rankings & Indian Higher Education: Analyzing the Influence of Globalization
  66. Higher Education in India
  67. Higher Education in India: Overcoming Challenges & Embracing Opportunities 2023
  68. Higher Education in India: Role of Gender Parity Index, 2023
  69. History of DIET: From Inception to Excellence
  70. How can technology be used to improve education?2023
  71. How could the UCC Impact the Education Sector in India? 2023
  72. IDEPA Vs. Masters in Education Planning (IIEP)
  73. Impact of COVID19 on education in India
  74. Impact of DIET on Education: Revolutionizing Learning in the 21st Century
  75. Impact of Globalization on the Indian Workforce & Preparing Students for the Globalized Economy (2023)
  76. Impact of School Closures & Mergers on Access to Education in India, 2023
  77. Impact of Solar Panels on Indian Schools:  A Comprehensive Analysis Based on  UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data
  78. Importance of BPL Scheme on  Education in India
  79. Importance of Child Population to Compute Educational Indicators (2023)
  80. Importance of Hard Spots in School Education Quality in India (UDISEPluse 2021-22)
  81. Improving Education through UDISEPlus: A Comprehensive Overview 2023
  82. Improving Education in Rural India: The Key Challenges & Solutions (2023)
  83. Improving the Quality of UDISEPlus Data by Engaging an Independent Body (2023)
  84. Incentive Schemes for SC, ST, Minority & Marginalized Students in Higher Education in India: Importance, History & Beneficiaries (2023)
  85. Indian Students Abroad: Exploring the Brain Drain Phenomenon
  86. Integrated Science Labs in Secondary Schools in India 2023
  87. Internationalization & Globalization on Higher Education 2023
  88. Introduction to Block Resource Centre 2023
  89. Is Technology Important for Higher Education in India?
  90. Issues & challenges the Indian education system is  facing
  91. Issues in Indian Education System
  92. Learning Outcome-Based Assessment in Government & Government-Aided Schools in India (Based on UDISEPlus 2021-22)
  93. Key Findings of Enrolment Ratio at All India Level 2021-22
  94. Literacy & Dropout Rates in N-E Region of India, 2023
  95. Mental Health in Schools: A Growing Concern in India
  96. Mid-Day Meal Scheme: Enhancing Nutrition & Education for School Children
  97. Model Village Action Plan within the framework of the NITI Aayog Aspirational District Plan: Exemplary Set of Indicators
  98. Muslim Education in India 2023
  99. Muslim Gender Parity Index at Higher Education Level in India, 2016-17 to 2020-21
  100. Muslim Students Transition Rate in India: Cohort 2018-19 to 2020-21
  101. Muslim Students Retention Rate at Primary, Elementary & Secondary Levels, Cohort 2020-21
  102. Muslim Gross Enrolment Ratio at School Education in India (2021-22)
  103. Muslims Gross Enrolment Ratio at Higher Education Level (2020-21)
  104. Muslim Students Flow Rates at School Level in India: Cohort 2020-21
  105. NAAC Accrediatation of NIEPA 2022
  106. National Education Policy (NEP 2020) & after that
  107. National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF 2023)
  108. NIEPA Departments, Library, Digital Archive, Hostel & Support System
  109. Number of Muslim Children Dropped-out between 2020-21 & 2021-22 in India
  110. Online Education in India, Profitable for Students or Owners 2023
  111. Opportunities of Globalization for Indian Higher Education (2023)
  112. Out-of-School children in the Context of School Education in India (2023)
  113. Para-teachers in India 2023
  114. Planning under Samagra Shiksha 2023
  115. Power of Education, Unlocking India’s Potential 2023
  116. Pressure on Students Appearing for Competitive Exams in India 2023
  117. Private vs. Public Education & impact on student outcomes
  118. Promoting Education Expenditure to 6 percent of GDP in India 2023
  119. Quality of Education in Indian Schools: A Critical Analysis
  120. Reflections on Current Status School Education in India 2023
  121. Role of Government in the Globalization of Indian Higher Education (2023)
  122. Retention Rate at School Education Level in India
  123. Revolutionizing Education: NITI Aayog’s Vision for a Bright Future 2023
  124. Role of Civil Society in Improving Education in India 2023
  125. Role of State Education MIS Systems in Improving the Quality of Education through the UDISEPlus (2023)
  126. Role of DIET in Shaping Education System 2023
  127. Role of NIEPA & Research based on UDISE data (1994 to 2017)
  128. Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Current Status, Logo, Portal & Schemes 2023
  129. School Education Data in India: A Comprehensive Analysis (2023)
  130. School Education in India: Challenges, Solutions, & Government Initiatives 2023
  131. School Education indicators India 2023
  132. School Teachers in India: Nurturing the Future of the Nation 2023
  133. SDG 4: Education in India – Empowering the Nation’s Future 2023
  134. Smart Schools in India: A Closer Look at Government, Government-Aided, and Other Schools
  135. Share of Muslim Enrolment at School Education in India: 2012-13 to 2021-22
  136. Share of Muslim Enrolment in Higher Education in India: 2016-17 to 2020-21
  137. Share of Girls in Muslim Enrolment at School Level & Gender Parity Inde (GPI)
  138. Share of Muslim Enrolment in India by Gender to Total Enrolment (2012-13 to 2021-22)
  139. Size of Muslim Population in India: 1951 to 2011 (2023)
  140. Shaala Siddhi innovative initiative 2023
  141. Should there be a separate cadre for DIET?
  142. Significance of Adjusted Net Enrolment Ratio in Achieving Universal School Education 2023
  143. State-wise Muslim Gross Enrolment Ratio at School Education in India (2021-22)
  144. Status & Challenges of Samagra Shiksha 2023
  145. Status of Education for All in India: Achievements &  Challenges
  146. Status of Education for All in India: Achievements &  Challenges
  147. Status of Education in India 2023
  148. Status of Education in the North-Eastern Part of India 2023
  149. Status of School Education in India 2023
  150. Status of School Education in view of NER 2021-22
  151. The Danger of Gambling Addiction among College Students in India
  152. The Future of Internationalization: Post-Pandemic Prospects for Indian Higher Education
  153. Teacher Training in India: Challenges and Opportunities
  154. Teaching Aids in Indian Educational Institutions: Significance, Data Scrutiny, and Subsequent Measures (2023)
  155. Teacher Training in India: Challenges and Opportunities
  156. The Challenges of Globalization for Indian Higher Education (2023)
  157. The Impact of Globalization on the Quality of Indian Higher Education
  158. The Future of DIET: District Institute of Education & Training
  159. The Highlight of UDISE+ 2021-22 Data at the All India Level
  160. The Impact of Globalization on Education in India 2023
  161. The Intersection of DIET and Education Policy: A Comprehensive Analysis 2023
  162. The Present Status of School Education in India: Analysis of the Latest UDISE+ 2021-22 Data
  163. The Pursuit of Quality School Education: A Key Imperative for India’s Future, 2023
  164. The Rising Challenge of Increasing Education Costs for Families in India (2023)
  165. The Role of DIET in Promoting Inclusive Education: Challenges and Opportunities
  166. The Role of DIET in Teacher Education in India: Enhancing Pedagogical Excellence (2023)
  167. The Significance of Peer Learning in School Education in India: UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data
  168. The State of Muslim Education in India: A Data-Driven Analysis by Arun C Mehta (2023)
  169. The Women Reservation Bill 2023
  170. The Globalization of Indian Higher Education: Trends and Implications
  171. Transforming Education through Digital Infrastructure: An Analysis of UDISEPlus 2021-22 Data on Electricity, Computers, & Internet Connectivity in Schools
  172. Transforming Education through Data: The Journey of DISE, UDISE, and UDISEPlus in India (2023)
  173. Transition Rates in School Education in India
  174. UDISE+ Data Sharing Policy: A Guide to Sharing Education Data in India 2023
  175. Understanding the Role of Gender Parity Index in Higher Education in India, 2023
  176. Understanding the Role of Private Institutions in Indian Education: Insights from Data and Trends
  177. Release of Unified District Information System for Education Plus 2022-23 Data (UDISEPlus 2022-23)
  178. Unveiling the Dilemma: The Use & Misuse of ChatGPT & Bard by Student Scholars (2023)
  179. Use of Whatsapp & How to prevent its Misuse
  180. Vocationalisation of School Education in India: Origin, Coverage, Status, Objectives, Schemes, and Challenges, 2023
  181. What Indicators on Muslim Education in India can be computed?
  182. Will Lower Eligibility for Assistant Professor Lead to a Decline in the Quality of Teaching? (2023)

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