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e-Book by Arun C Mehta released: FORTY YEARS OF ARUN C MEHTA at NIEPA

e-Book by Arun C Mehta: FORTY YEARS OF ARUN C MEHTA at NIEPA, New Delhi

Professor Arun C. Mehta
Professor & Head (Formerly)
Department of Educational Management Information System
NIEPA, New Delhi

Ph.D. (Demographic Projections) from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur; specialist in EMIS, Quantitative Techniques and Projections and Forecasting of Educational Data; authored books on Education for All in India, Enrolment Projections, Population Projections and Upper Primary Education and contributed a number of research articles in journals and in NUEPA Occasional Paper Series; published a number of reports annually based on DISE data; presented papers both at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Consulted by World Bank, UNICEF, UNESCO and ACCU (Japan), Trained at UNESCO Regional Office at Bangkok and Harvard Institute of International Development, USA. Was actively engaged in strengthening of Educational Management Information System in India during 2001 to 2017 (January) at the national level and managed one of the World’s largest information systems i.e. District Information System for Education (DISE/U-DISE). & developed under the guidance of Prof. Mehta is the recipient of e-Governance 2010 & eINDIA 2010 National Awards & Manthan Award South Asia 2010 & EMPI Indian Express Indian Innovation Award 2012.

e-Book Released: 15th February 2022

The  e-Book, entitled Forty Years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019 was released  on 15th February 2022 by Prof. N. V. Varghese, Vice-Chancellor, NIEPA, New Delhi. Prof. Varghese highlighted importance of research work done by Prof. Mehta, specially his contributions towards strengthening Educational Management Information System (EMIS) in India through Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) in his address.

Prof. Mehta presented details of e-Book in the release function. Prof. G. D. Sharma, Former Head of the Higher Education Department, NIEPA and Prof. Sridhar Srivastava, Joint Director, NCERT, New Delhi reflected on research work  carried out by Prof. Mehta over almost four decades and highlighted importance of self accountability in the academic field.  Shri A. N. Reddy, Assistant Professor, NIEPA made the introductory observations and welcome the guests and briefly introduced the speakers.

Video Recording of Release Function

The Foreword of e-Book  is written  by Prof. Kuldeep Mathur, Former Director, NIEPA.

Late Prof. B. P. Khandelwal (Former Director NIEPA), Prof. P. K. Joshi (Former Director NIEPA & presently Chairman of UPSC), Prof. R. Govinda (Former Vice-Chancellor, NIEPA), Shri Baldev Mahajan (Former Joint Director NIEPA), Prof. Marmar Mukhopadhyay (Former Joint Director, NIEPA), Prof. G. D. Sharma (Former Head of the Higher Education Department, NIEPA), Prof. Najma Akhtar (Former Professor NIEPA & presently Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Milia Islamia University), Mr. Simon Ellis (Former Regional Director UNESCO Institute for Statistics) and Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, Chair of Education and International Development, University College London have extensively commented on the research undertaken by Prof. Arun C Mehta.

Foreword & Observations on Research  by Prof. Arun C Mehta

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Video Recording of Release Function