Model Village Action Plan within the framework of the NITI Aayog Aspirational District Plan: Exemplary Set of Indicators

This document presents the core responsibilities and metrics outlined for the Model Village Action Plan under the NITI Aayog Aspirational District Plan. It’s essential to note that these metrics are not exhaustive and are not tailored to a specific village. Below, we break down the tasks and metrics for each sector:

Physical Infrastructure:

  • Installation of appropriate signages and village maps.
  • Repairs and upkeep of internal roads, phirni roads, etc.
  • Cleaning, maintenance, and revitalization of water bodies.
  • Ongoing maintenance and preservation of parks, including open gyms.
  • Restoration and maintenance of the Community Hall.
  • Refurbishment of the Jachha Bachha Kender building, with plans to establish an Ayurvedic dispensary.
  • Creation of a library on the first floor of the Jachha Bacha Kendra.
  • Provide a designated sitting area for senior citizens with amenities such as newspapers, books, and comfortable furniture.


Drinking Water:

Formulation and execution of strategies to achieve 100% drinking water coverage, including repairing and maintaining old and damaged pipelines.


  • Relocation of high-tension electricity lines and transformers away from densely populated areas.
  • Installation of street lighting systems.
  • Designation of one road in the village for 100% solar street lighting and beautification through planting a specific type of tree.
  • Promotion of solar energy adoption through workshops and awareness campaigns.


Restoration of bus route numbers 947 and 983.


Distribution of saplings of fruit-bearing trees to interested farmers/organizations for planting in open areas under their ownership/jurisdiction.

Animal Husbandry:

Arrangement of Pashu Chikitsa (Animal Healthcare) camps.

Waste Management:

  • Regular desilting of drains and plantation along drain banks.
  • Establishment of a composting pit.
  • Attainment of a zero-waste village status through 100% source-segregated waste collection and disposal at the village level.
  • Organizing awareness programs on effective waste management.

Banking & Finance:

The village has introduced a public sector bank branch and ATM to ensure universal banking access for all households.


Installation of CCTV camera systems to enhance village security.

Environment & Forest:

Display of Air Quality Index (AQI) data within the village to promote air quality and pollution awareness.

Government Schemes:

Coordination of camps to ensure that all eligible and interested residents in the village have access to government schemes.

Women & Child Development:

  • Efforts to reduce the percentage of stunted children in the village to below 10%.
  • Promotion of family planning awareness among all residents.

Remember that these are recommended responsibilities and metrics for the Model Village Action Plan sectors. Successful implementation of these tasks can contribute significantly to the overall development and enhancement of the village.

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