If victim of Cyber-Crime Dail 1930

Cyber-Crime Education & Preventation

Cyber-Crime Education: Prevention is Better than Cure

In the present day, with lots of new technologies coming every day, do not think that anyone using a mobile phone/computer has any option but to avoid the untoward situation and loss by taking basic preventive measures. Though the cybercrime and nature of the crime that is taking place in society have affected most senior citizens, non-tech-savvy people must be extra cautious.

A careless attitude may result in loss of information which can be misused by criminals who always look for the opportunity to attack. Once a person is trapped may lose his personal information, money, and reputation in society, extortion through blackmail, and even become a part of the cyber-crime.

Once the criminal has access to vital information, s/he can even influence an individual to do something wrong and indulge in a crime, often even without knowing. In the process, many times, not only was the victim at a loss, but many times his friends and family members were also affected and met loss. There are instances where individuals’ personal and business data are stolen and shared with competitors, resulting in heavy business loss.

Given the above, it seems that a small amount of carelessness may affect an individual and his/her family members heavily and cause loss.

Who is vulnerable?

In the prevention process, it is essential to know what is vulnerable. Practically everything that an individual is indulged in day-to-day life may be his mobile number, FaceBook and Instagram accounts, photos that he/she shares through social media including Whatsapp,  chat, messages, email, online bank account, using online payments (Paytm), internet browsing, internet calling and even a call on mobile phone, etc. nothing is invulnerable.

This gives us the feeling that old paper-pencil days were more secure. The present-day full of advanced technologies can also be secure but with a small additional caution and prevention.

Can cybercrime be prevented?

Yes, taking a few preventive measures ensures that cybercrime/attack can be prevented, but one has to be vigilant at all or most of the time. Mobile phone plays a vital role through which most cyber crimes take place. Can we stop using mobile phones? No, these days, it is not possible. Then what is the solution? How can we safeguard our data? It is in our own hands; we need to change our habits and be extra cautious on mobile and the internet.

Where do cyber-criminal get data?

From where do cybercriminals get data? Who provides the personal data? The answer is simple; we only provide data through irresponsible and casual behavior. Cybercriminals apply different tactics to different people to access personal data. Some people get phishing emails, and others get lucrative offers and freebies. Mind it; nothing is accessible for free on the internet; even a free Mobile App is not free, which also collects individual personal data and sells it for profit. So be extra cautious when downloading a new Mobile App or when next you get lucrative offers through email.

In case of a Cyberattack, Call the helpline number 1930

Cyber Crime Education: Prevention is better than cure  [Download PDF]

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