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27th August 2023

Email Id of State UDISEPlus  MIS Coordinators

Launching of UDISEPlus  2023-24

Even though UDISEPlus 2022-23 data is still being finalized (Last date 31st August 2023) by the states, the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education has launched the UDISEPlus 2023-24 data collection and has planned to open its online portal on 1st September 2023 which is much earlier than the official date of reference of data collection which in the education sector used to be 30th September of a year during which data is collected.

In this regard, the Ministry issued a letter on 25th August 2023 to Additional Chief Secretaries, Secretaries, and Principal Secretaries of all the States and UTs informing them of the opening of the next round of UDISE+ data entry for 2023-24 and Data Capture Format for 2023-24 data collection has also been shared with the states (D.O. No. 23-412023-Stats). States have also been informed that they must finalize UDISEPlus 2022-23 data by 31st August 2023.

Dhruv Rathi mentioned UDISE in his recent video

As a next step, it is mentioned that the UDISE+ 2023-24 needs to be started immediately, and it is said that “since student-wise data has already been filled for 2022-23, in 2023-24 fresh data is to be entered only at entry level (Class 1) or in case of a school recognized during the year and for remaining levels (Class2 onwards), it is just validation or any addition or subtraction. Hence, data entry for 2023-24 will drastically lessen the burden of states.” Because most states have already finished the data collection process of UDISEPlus 2022-23 data long back, it is a good idea to launch 2023-24 data collection to save time; this welcome step must drastically reduce the time lag in 2023-24 data and after that. As per this letter, the States & UTs are requested to finalise UDISEPlus 2023-24 data by 31st October 2023. 

Data Capture Format (DCF) UDISEPlus 2023-24: Department of School Education & Literacy. Ministry of  Education

(Please visit the Official Website of UDISEPLus for Updates and DCF Guidelines 2023-24)

However, the critical question is when the states will use the UDISEPlus 2022-23 data and in which year the Annual Plan and Budget. It may be observed that states and districts annually formulate an Annual Work Plan and Budget under the flagship Samagra Shiksha, which used to be exclusively based on UDISEPlus data. If  2022-23 data will be used in the 2024-25 Annual Work Plan, when shall UDISE 2023-24 data be used, and in which year annual plan? Alternatively, a mute question is whether the UDISEPlus 2022-23 data will be skipped and 2023-24 data will be used in formulating the 2024-25 Annual Plan. It may also be possible that a few states might have already used UDISE 2022-23 data in its 2023-24 Annual Work Plan as they have long back finished the 2022-23 data collection process, but the same is yet to be frozen at the national level.

Improving Education Outcomes through Effective Student Data Collection under UDISPlus

More than the finalized process of data collection, adequate dissemination and utilization of the data is the need of the day, which at present is the gross underutilized. Given the student-wise data that is now available from 2022-23 onwards, it is hoped the Department of School Education & Literacy will come out with a series of new publications not confined to UDISEPlus Booklet, which it used to bring ever since it assumed the responsibility of UDISE from NIEPA from the year 2018-19 onwards. It is also hoped that student-specific variables will be added to the list of variables that can be downloaded from the UDISEPlus portal.


At one point, it was said that “It was mandatory from 2006-07 for all states and UTs to carry out sample checking of U-DISE Data. However, largely due to the lack of proper guidelines, the UDISE data was hardly being verified. Bulky paper reports were never analyzed, and feedback was not available to States and UTs”. However, instead of engaging a third party to sample check data, officers who are part of the system at different levels, such as cluster, block, and district levels, are made to engage in online checking of UDSIEPlus data. Because of the decline in the number of schools covered under UDISEPlus from 2017-18 to 2021-22 and the erratic pattern observed in enrolment, it has become essential to launch sample checking of data by an independent agency on a pan-India basis without any further delay which is also required because of extending data collection to individual student details (about 265 million students) during 2022-23 UDISEPlus data collection.

Why UDISEPlus 2022-23 Data Release is delayed?

Launching of Performance Grading Index 2022-23

At the end of 31st October 2023, it has come to know that States and UTs are still working on UDISEPlus 2023-24 data. On the other hand, Data Users are still waiting for the release of UDISEPlus 2022-23 data, which was supposed to have been completed on 31st August 2023.


On November 9, 2023, the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Education, extended the deadline for completing UDISEPlus 2023-24 data entry to December 31, 2023. They emphasized that no further extensions would be granted beyond this date.

School Head Masters/Head Teachers are required to ensure the submission of details for students promoted from Grades 2 to 12 in the academic year 2022-23 to 2023-24. Additionally, they need to collect information for new admissions in Grade I.

The concerned Block MIS should be approached for students directly entering other grades (such as Grade V or any other). These individuals will access the Portal using their credentials to include these students in the school’s UDISEPlus 2023-24 database.

Format for STUDENT Name Change, Class Change and other Basic Details Change in

Format for Student ADDITION in UDISEPlus for Class-2 to Class-12 at Block District

If the system indicates that new student data is available in the drop box, the school must contact the District MIS to retrieve this data and transfer the records of such students into the school database for the 2023-24 academic year.

The entire process of UDISEPlus 2023-24 is to be competed by December 31, 2023.

Download Ministry of Education Letter of 9th November 2023

UPDATE (12th March 2024)

Through another letter , dated 12th March 2024, the Department of School Education & Literacy of the Ministry of Education, Government of India has requested all the States & UTs to complete the UDISEPlus 2023-24 data by 15th March 2024. The states are further requested to submit the final data which includes Verification, Data Validation and Certification by 31st March 2024.

Ministry of Education Letter of 12th March 2024 regarding completion of UDISEPlus 2023-24 Data


What is the final date of submission of UDISEPlus 2023-24 data?

As per the order of Department of School Education & Literacy, the entire process of  UDISEPlus 2023-24 data must be completed by 31st March 2024.

UPDATE (11/04/2024)

As of Today, i.e., 11th April 2024, neither 2022-23 nor 2023-24 data has been released by the Department of School Education, Ministry of Education, showing that time lag in the availability of school education data is again on the rise. However, it has been observed that most of the states have data for 2022-23; a few have completed the 2023-24 process of UDISEPLus data, but a few are still working on it. Chandigarh UT has started updating 2023-24 data to get 2024-25. The moot question is when and which year’s annual plan under Samagra Shiksha which years data will be used.

UPDATE (14/05/2024)

As of May 14, 2024, the UDISEPlus portal continues to display the UDISE Report for 2021-22, despite the significant delay of over two years. Interestingly, while states possess data for UDISE 2022-23, its national release by the Ministry remains pending. This delay raises concerns about the reliability of annual plans, as crucial data for informed decision-making is absent. It’s puzzling that there hasn’t been much outcry regarding this issue, especially when state-level data is available.

Where is UDISEPlus 2022-23 Data?

Where is UDISEPlus 2022-23 Data?

The Department of School Education and Literacy, under the Ministry of Education, bears the responsibility of addressing this discrepancy and providing clarity on the delay. With data readily accessible at the state level, the reasons for withholding the national release demand scrutiny.

Furthermore, this period of delay could be utilized by the Ministry to revisit and republish valuable publications, such as those previously issued by NIEPA between 2005-06 and 2017-18. Doing so would not only fill the current information gap but also ensure the continuity of valuable insights for educational planning and policymaking.

UPDATE (12/06/2024)

As of today, 12th June 2024, there is no update on the UDISEPlus website and the year 2021-22 for which the latest data is available.

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