Launching of Performance Grading  Index (PGI) 2022-23

On the one end, the state has just completed the UDISEPlus 2022-23 data process and is yet to start its use; on the other hand, as mentioned above, the UDISEPlus 2023-24 has also launched. Through another letter of 4th September 2023, the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education (D.O.No. 37-112023-Stats) asked all the States and UTs to launch the computation of the Performance Grading Index for 2022-23. It stipulated the following tasks to be completed by 31st October 2023, for which it has shared the School, District, and State Formats, which are to be filled in exclusively based on UDISE+, PRABANDH, PM-POSHAN and Yidhyanjali Portals developed & maintained by the Ministry. The states are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The data will be pre-filled based on UDISE+ 2022-23, and the States and UTs have to check the authenticity of the
  • In the line of recommendations, the PGI 2022-23 is extended to the school level, and in the first phase, only Higher Secondary schools will be considered.
  • In case of the PGI-District, some indicators will be pre-filled based on UDISE+ 2022-23 States and UTs have to fill in the data in the PGI.
  • District portal, which will be opened on the Firstof September 2023; and
  • The PGI 2022-23 at different levels are to be completed by 31st October 2023.

It seems that the Ministry is in hurry and wants to cover up the time lag in data, which has increased recently. More than the completion of data, it is equally important to adequately utilize the previous year’s completed data. Hopefully, the Ministry will soon come out with detailed guidelines both for the States and UTs as well for data users on how to utilize the data for which the UDISEPlus 2022-23 has become special in view of the extension of UDISEPlus 2022-23 data to an individual collection of student records which is to the tune of 265 million students from Grades I to XII. Hopefully, along with the UDISEPlus 2022-23 data, students’ data will also be released by the Ministry soon.

Performance Grading Index 2.0: Ministry of Education

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