Educational Planning in India: Concept and Methodology

Training in Educational Planning in India & Abroad

In this section details of institutions offer training and capacity building in the area of educational planning both at the National level as well as at the International level has been presented. IIEP, Paris is the Apex institution set-up by the UNESCO as as the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, New Delhi also set-up initially by the UNESCO but later on taken over by the Ministry of Education and established as an autonomous  institute which is located at New Delhi (India). In India, DIETs and SIEMATs are the other institutions which are set-up by the Government of India respectively at the district and state level. SIEMATs have been established on the pattern of NIEPA.

On the other hand, NCERT also established by the Government of India to take care of curriculum, text books, syllabus, capacity building of teachers etc. with regard to school education in India. Each state and Ut in the country also have SCERT/SIE or similar institutions established on the pattern of NCERT at the national level. Details of some of these institutions is presented in this section of Education For All in India.