Education in Five Year Plans: 1st to 11th Plans

Ever since the independence in India, developmental plans for a period of five years are being developed by the Planning Commission with the inputs received from the states all such plans from the very first to the the most recent one (Eleventh Plan: 2007-12).

In 2014, when new government took charge, it has scraped formulating Five Year Plans, Since then no plans, either annual or five year plans are being formulated.  The NITI Aayog i.e. National Institution for Transforming India was established in 2015 by replacing Planning Commission which   is a policy think tank of the Government of India, established with the aim to achieve sustainable development goals with cooperative federalism by fostering the involvement of State Governments of India in the economic policy-making process using a bottom-up approach (adapted from Wikipedia). The  staff of the then Planning Commission and host of institutions under it was retained in the newly created NITI Aayog.

The Prime Minster of India is the Chairman of NITI Aayog and Chief Ministers of  states are its members. The NITI Aayog is done in order to better serve the needs and aspirations of the people of India. The NITI Aayog is headed by Chief Executive Officer.

The following FiveYear Plans from the 1st to 11th Five Year Plans all were previousally available but the link to same has now been removed.

1st Five Year Plan
2nd Five Year Plan
3rd Five Year Plan
4th Five Year Plan
5th Five Year Plan
6th Five Year Plan
7th Five Year Plan
8th Five Year Plan
9th Five Year Plan
10th Five Year Plan
11th Five Year Plan
Eleventh Five Year Plan: Inclusive Growth, 2007-12

Eleventh Five Year Plan: 2007-12, Mid-Term Appraisal
Eleventh Five Year Plan: Social Sector, 2007-12
Eleventh Five Year Plan: Education, 2007-12
Working Group on Secondary and Vocational Education: 11th Five Year Plan, 2007 to 2012