Data on Higher Education in India

This is one of the important channels of the website: Education for All in India that presents latest data on school education in India most of which were being published by the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Selected Educational Statistics (SES) was one of the important publications of the MHRD which is presented for different years. From the year 2012-13, all publications of the Ministry of Education in case of School Education is based on U-DISE data (NIEPA). Apart from the MHRD and U-DISE, data from the other sources, such as, NCERT’s All India Educational Survey, National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) and Census of India have also been covered.

Apart from the school education, latest available information collected through the All India Survey on Higher Education  has also been presented. Traditionally MHRD is the main agency responsible for the statistics on higher education in India. In between, UGC was also made responsible for data on higher education. Like school education in India, data on higher education was never free from limitations amongst which time-lag and under coverage of higher education institutions were the main. Disaggregated data and poor dissemination were the other limitations.

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Because of the time-lag, Five Year Plans, as well as, annual plans were used to be based on outdated data. Various attempts were made to improve upon the limitations in the data on higher education but most of these efforts didn’t bear results.  Sometimes near 2010, India envisaged a 30 percent GER  by the year 2020 but unfortunately the available data on higher education was incomplete which resulted into the Ministry of HRD envisage launching All India Survey on Higher Education  (AIHES) in India in 2011-12 responsibility of which was initially given to NIEPA but the same was later transferred to Ministry.

NIC played an important role and developed  online PDF-based application to capture data directly from the higher education institutions from across the country. AIHES is termed as one of the successful initiatives towards developing an efficient MIS for the higher education in India. This section of the website presents data generated through the AIHES and reports based on it for different years.

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