UDISE Publications: 2005-06 to 2017-18, NIEPA, New Delhi

The year 2005-06 was the first year during which the entire country got covered under the DISE and data from all the elementary schools/classes were collected by using the same Data Capture Format. At NIEPA, the highest priority was given to data sharing and a strong dissemination policy assuming that if data is adequately disseminated chances are that the same will get utilized and figures will be raised about the quality and consistency of the data.

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Publications based on UDISE brought out by NIEPA

In addition, NIEPA also started sharing unit-wide raw data which got a tremendous response from data users from across the world, and thousands registered for downloading of data. The year 2005-06 can be termed as the year of liberalization of education data. However, lost it its momentum after the UDISE shifted from NIEPA/NUEPA, New Delhi to the Department of School Education and Literacy of the Ministry of Education from the year 2018-19 onwards as not a single of the 15 publications based on one year UDISE data could continue. Even the year 2018-19 does not have any publication as only data is made available on the portal of UDISE+, no reasons have been specified as to why all of the sudden publications based on UDISE data from the year 2018-19 are discontinued. Not even the award-winning websites, www.schoolreportcards.in presenting School Report Cards for the period 2005-06 to 2017-18 has got updating which was found very useful by the data users.

Analytical Report on Elementary Education 2009-10 by arun c mehta

In this note, users are enlightened about the usefulness and nature of publications which can be accessed from the official website of UDISE, still being maintained by NIEPA, New Delhi even though the same has now since been transferred to the Ministry of Education for which NIEPA’s need appreciation. It must also make efforts to get access to UDISE+ data from the year 2018-19 onwards so that it can update award-winning School Report Cards and Reporter Modules based on DISE data. One can access both online publications and as well also download the school-wide raw data.

UDISE_NIEPA_Publications: 2015-06 to 2017-18

By clicking the above link users can download or visit and view various publications that NIEPA broughout over a period of years between 2005-06 to 2017-18 resulting a total of about 130 publications overa period of 15-years. For the period from the year 2018-19, users are requested to visit the offical website of UDISE+

UDISE+ and UDISE Publications