Top 9 US Colleges & Universities for Digital Education

Most of the major US universities keep up with the times and develop amazing programs for distance learning. At the moment, they can offer their students brilliant digital education. Thus, you do not have to leave the room to receive your diploma.

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1.   Boston University

Do you dream of studying at one of the best universities in the US? Then, take a look at this college. It’s a research university that offers many effective programs for higher education online.

Online learning at Boston University is primarily a huge number of courses in various fields. Here, you can get a graduate diploma or a certificate for a free participant. In addition, the university has various undergraduate programs and even several postgraduate programs, which can also be studied remotely.

The learning materials include online lectures, videos, interactive animations, and discussion clubs. By the way, Boston University was awarded the Sloan Consortium award for achievements in the field of Distance Learning.

2.   The University of California, Berkeley

In 2012, an online education resource center was founded in Berkeley. Now, it contributes to many initiatives in everything related to digital education. Everyone, from full-time students to free listeners, can attend open courses and receive a diploma.

The main areas include business analysis, marketing, and advanced life sciences. Of course, basic subjects can be included in the schedule too, but you definitely have nothing to fear. More and more students turn to the best writing services for help when the pressure gets too much. This is a great way to complete everything on your to-do list.

3.   Georgia Institute of Technology

This is a public university with a high rating that mainly focuses on scientific research. Here, you can study remotely and get a diploma in engineering and computer science. By the way, Georgia Institute of Technology ranks 5th among the best universities in the United States.

4.   Kettering University

Are you interested in technical sciences? Then, Kettering University is for you. The school occupies a leading position among engineering colleges.

The first distance learning programs appeared at the university in 2015. By now, many problems have been fixed, so all tools work smoothly and efficiently. In this school, online learning programs are presented in the field of exact sciences.

Learning will not cause any technical difficulties, as each online course is a computer-compatible program with a user-friendly interface.

5.   University Of Denver

This university is one of the main schools in the country, and it’s funded by the state. The emphasis is made on various research. At the University Of Denver, differences are respected, and opportunities are valued, so teachers try to pass on experiences that students will certainly use in the future. In addition to classes, it will be useful to attend networking events to get useful contacts.

6.   James Madison University

One of the best schools in the USA is located 2 hours away from Boston. It offers many activities for students and is funded by the state budget. The main thing you need to know about the professors here is that they not only convey theory but also teach students to think creatively. And it’s super important for a prosperous international environment. The latest teaching methods are used for all subjects, so you will certainly not be bored.

7.   Walden University

Walden University gathers students from over 150 countries all over the world. And it’s not surprising as modern programs are developed taking labor market trends into account. Here, you will surely choose something for yourself while enjoying the use of top digital tools.

8.   St. Bonaventure University

This is a Catholic-Franciscan university where you will be trained to improve your communication, leadership, and collaboration skills. You will also learn how to solve problems in a non-standard way. Here, you can get digital education and a diploma in business management and social sciences.

9.   Washington State University

The school was founded in 1890, and the first online programs were launched in 2012. Given that fewer people could study full-time, the educational institution decided that it was time to bring academic programs to a wider audience.

The university has launched an intuitive platform called WSU Global Campus, where students can receive bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Despite the fact that the university can’t offer a large number of programs for distance learning, it is considered one of the best ones in business administration. Plus, many students come here for a master’s degree in marketing.

To Wrap It Up

So what are the main advantages of online education?

  • Flexibility. You can study in the comfort of your own home, saving plenty of time on the road;
  • Mobility. You can learn at your own pace, taking more time to study topics that are more valuable to you;
  • Availability. By that, we mean availability for students from low-income backgrounds or students with disabilities;
  • Coverage. Distance learning platforms reach a wider audience compared to a traditional offline classroom;
  • Great knowledge assessment. Educators are free to use any tools they prefer, from brilliant presentations and online quizzes to AI-based technologies, etc.

So, decide on your future major, choose a university that suits your financial expectations, and send an application. No doubt, getting an education online is one of the main advantages of living in the 21st century.

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