Block & Cluster Resource Centres 2023

In India, Block Resource Centers (BRCs) and Cluster Resource Centers (CRCs) are important educational system components. BRCs and CRCs are government-sponsored centers designed to provide academic and technical support to schools in a specific geographical area.

Block Resource Centers are located at the block level and are responsible for supporting schools in their respective blocks. They are headed by a Block Resource Coordinator (BRC), who monitors and evaluates the academic performance of schools in the block. BRCs also organize teacher training programs and provide academic resources to schools in the block.

Cluster Resource Centers, on the other hand, are located at the village or cluster level and are responsible for supporting schools in a specific cluster of villages. CRCs are headed by a Cluster Resource Coordinator (CRC), who works closely with the BRC to support schools in the cluster. CRCs provide academic support to teachers and students, organize training programs, and provide resources to schools in the cluster.

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The primary objective of BRCs and CRCs is to make efforts whch help to improve the quality of education by providing academic support and resources to schools by working closely with teachers and school administrators; BRCs and CRCs help in identifying areas where improvement is needed and provide the necessary support to address those areas.

Overall, BRCs and CRCs play a vital role in the Indian education system, helping to improve the quality of education & ensure that all students have access to high-quality academic resources and support.

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