State Institute of Educational Management and Training (SIEMAT)


The SIEMAT, State Institute of Educational Management and Training  were initially established in DPEP States but the same was later extended to other states as a part of India’s flagship programme towards achieving the goal of universal elementary education, namely Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme (launched in 2000-01). On the pattern of State Institute of Educational Research and Training in states like NCERT, SIEMATs one each in each states was envisaged to be established on the pattern of the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA).

Below a concept note on SIEMAT written by Dr. N. V. Varghese who later on become the Vice-Chancellor of NIEPA, New Delhi, who conceptualized the idea of SIEMAT for DPEP  is presented.

States were provided a sum of Rs. 30 Million to established SIEMAT as an autonomous institution but none of the institutions established could develop as a full-fledged autonomous institutions. Rather they were established as a part of the office of the State Project Director and the in-charge of the SIEMAT used to report to the SPD. Not all the states could established SIEMAT of which SIEMAT Allhabad is perhaps the only institution  which was fully functional and have conducted a variety of capacity building programmes for its officers. SIEMAT Allhabad, these days is left with only a few faculty members in view of which it is difficult to manage most of the activities that it has initiated initially.


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