What physical facility a DIET should have?

As per the Guidelines of 1989 DIET would need to have adequate physical facilities on the following lines :—
(i) An institute campus of adequate area, preferably 10 acres.
(ii) Buildings : (a) Institute Building : with roughly 10,000 sq. ft. carpet area
(b) Hostel : separate hostels for men and women with a capacity of 150 to 200 seats.
(c) Staff Quarters : for at least five staff members viz Principal, two faculty members one or both of whom would function as hostel warden(s) and two class IV employees.
(iii) The following other facilities :
(a) Library and reading room
(b) Methods laboratories for Physical andand Life Sciences.
(c) Equipment for psychology experiments, Social Studies & Language teaching.
(d) A work-shed and garden/farm for work experience activities.
(e) Equipment for Education in Visual & Performing Arts.
(f) Playgrounds and equipment for Physical Education and Sports.
(g) Audio-visual aids.
(h) Computer Room.
(i) Equipment for education of the handicapped.
(j) Special materials and equipment relevant for Adult and Non-Formal Education.