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10 Must-have Apps For Every Student 2023

Being a student or a college is not an easy task in today’s time. Now students are allotted lots of assignments and work which they need to submit on time, or they will have to face the penalty.

The workload of assignments has increased drastically in the last decade. Earlier, the student was not burdened with so many assignments. Their study pattern was quite different than those of today’s college students. But thanks to the technologies that have made the task of students easier. They can easily take the help from lots of apps to complete their tasks effectively and properly.
Thus to help students out, some of the best apps are highlighted below.
Apps for College Students
In today’s time, every student has a laptop, smartphone, or computer. Thus they can have some of these apps on their devices to make their tasks easier and interesting.
1.    Microsoft Office Lense – PDF Scanner
This app is for android users. This is the best app for students to scan their documents, notes, a whiteboard, and many more. It makes the task of copying the notes easy. As students need not copy or write the notes, they can easily scan the notes and have them as a pdf or file.

This app helps you to have your handouts into OneNote and OneDrive. You can take a picture of the blackboard or whiteboard and scan them to reference later. The best thing about this app is even if you’re sitting at a different angle or there is a glare on the board, it will automatically correct it and will provide you with a clear and straight picture.
2.    Evernote App
This app works on all devices android, ios, and windows. It is a note-taking and organizing app. Students can input notes themselves or scan the notes that they have already made.

The app helps you to collect and capture ideas in the form of notes, memos, checklists, notebooks, and to-do lists. Students can create notebooks in a wide range of formats such as photos, text, sketches, audio, PDFs, video, and many more.
The camera scanning feature will enable the college student to scan and comment on paper like business cards, handwriting, printed documents, and so on.
3.    Coursera
In the advancing world now, students can easily get to learn so many new courses via online mode. There is a wide range of courses available on this app. This app is free for windows. The courses provided here are from the most popular universities in the world. Many courses in it are free.

They also provide certificates that are chargeable.The Students can check the cbse term result using this app But one can definitely gain lots of knowledge via this app. Thus one who is enthusiastic about learning new things every now and then must download this app.
4.    Microsoft Excel
College students must be handy and in practice with Microsoft excel as it is very important in their professional life as well. This is the base for any student. If a student needs to work on numeric data or tabular form, then they must go for this app. Students in school life also get to learn about this.

Schools provide the classes for the same. Thus when they come to higher studies, they are able to easily handle it. This is one of the basic apps for students where they get to learn a lot of new stuff. Thus, an app is a must for any student. And you must have it downloaded on your device.
5.    Microsoft PowerPoint
This is another windows app that is free. Students use this app frequently to make projects and presentations. And having the knowledge about the same is very important. In this app, one can easily add texts, pictures, diagrams, windows, slide slows, and so on. There are lots of interesting things in it.

You can use different slide shows and transitions that come with a different sound. They are fascinating to work on. One can explore lots of things in it. One just has to sit with it and work on it. Then one can get to know a lot of stuff. Learning and exploring new things is quite interesting and mesmerizing. Thus, one must download this app to enhance the knowledge.
6.    Skype
Due to this pandemic, everything has been online. From meetings to classes to presentations to exams. Nothing has been left out. Thus, a video call has totally taken the place of a normal call. In such a case, one must have an app on which they can easily trust. Thus, Skype is the app that one can use to easily connect to friends, family, colleagues and to have online classes. The quality of this application is also great. And it is easy to use. One will not have any problem in dealing with it.
7.    Babylon App
Technology has enabled and helped people with a lot of tasks. One can easily have access to these apps on google or the play store. All the apps are easily available there. And one such app is Babylon.

This app helps you to translate different languages into a language that is familiar to you. Students use it nowadays to learn new languages. As one can conveniently translate approximately 75 languages. This helps you from the trouble of not understanding any other language. And especially if you are an indifferent place, it will be your great partner to support.
8.    Circle of 6
Given the current situation and the increase in the number of crimes, it has become very important for everyone to be safe. And especially if you’re a college student and staying in a hostel alone. Thus, if you ever feel uncomfortable, then this app will help you out in a number of ways. This app enables you to add six contacts of yours to the list. And you can connect to them whenever and wherever you want to. Not only this, the pre-programmed feature of coming and getting me a message with your current GPS location will be sent to those contacts.

Thus, they can easily reach you and help you out. And along with this, in case of critical scenarios, you can connect to local or national emergency numbers of ambulance, police, and so on. Thus, one can easily be safe with this app.

9.  Grammarly
Everyone wants to get rid of grammar errors to make their work flawless and free from any errors. Now they can easily do this with the help of this app. All students have to write different essays and work on different projects. The huge amount of work is too hectic to be gone through once again.

Therefore, they need a solution for the same. Grammarly with its advanced features helps students get rid of the different errors and improves the writing style at the same time.
Don’t want to cough up money to get the paid subscription? Well, you can get the Grammarly 30 days Free Trial to determine its effectiveness. Once you like you can use Coupon code to save almost 50% by submitting your college ID card.
Mathway App
We all know that mathematics is a nightmare for most students. Thus, having an app that can help them to reduce their nightmare is a blessing in disguise. Hence this mathway app is here to guide the student step by step to solve a problem. All a student needs to do is just enter the question in the app, and then you can cross check your solution if you have done it right or not. There are all the formulas and diagrams of most of the theorems and formulas of mathematics in it. Thus you will be jubilant to find this app.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the best apps for college students?
The apps mentioned above are best for college students as well. They provide lots of information and knowledge to them. They are best for studying.
What apps are free for students?
There are many apps that are free. Some of them are Skype, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and so on. The main advantage of these apps is that people use them, read them, and enhance their knowledge.
What apps would you recommend for the overall development of students?
All of the above-mentioned apps are best for the overall development of the students. They will help them in the future as well. When the technology has advanced so much, then why not take the benefits of it. Thus people must use the above-mentioned apps for studying and gaining information.
What apps do you need for school?
All of the apps one needs for school. This pandemic has made everything online. Thus they need to use Skype as well to attend the classes. And the Microsoft PowerPoint application helps them to make presentations and projects.
Thus there are a lot of study apps available for college people to guide them and act as mind maps. They are easy to use and download. One can also save them on their google drive for convenience. You can find all the apps in one place. Thus you can have access to the application comfortably.

All the above-mentioned applications are really useful for students. This makes all the tasks easier and allows the students to have some free time. Thus one can go through the apps to better know it. And can easily have access to them whenever they want to.

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