What are the main components of the samagra Shiksha scheme?

NEP have been integrated under the Samagra Shiksha and now includes:
• Supporting 5+3+3+4 pedagogic structure
• National Mission of Foundational Literacy and Numeracy- NIPUN BHARAT
• Support for OOSC in age group of 16- 19 years
• Holistic Progress Card (HPC) • Activities of PARAKH
• Introduction of tracking of learning outcomes as well as transition of children
• Support for Social Audit
• Separate stipend for CWSN girl child
• Enhanced provision for self defence training of girls
• Induction of qualified counsellors at secondary and senior secondary level
• Provision for identification of CWSN and Resource Centre at block level,
• Language Teachers • Expansion of schooling facilities from preprimary to senior secondary level including Residential Hostels, KGBVs etc.