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Selected Educational Statistics: MHRD, 2000-01

Selected Educational Statistics: MHRD, 2003-04

Selected Educational Statistics: MHRD, 2004-05

Selected Educational Statistics: MHRD, 2005-06


Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education, Planning, Monitoring and Statistics Division, New Delhi

Publication Date


Selected Educational Statistics is an annual publication of the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development. The publication furnishes quick (provisional) estimates pertaining to numeric data, such as, number of educational institutions, enrolment and teachers. It also presents selected data on literacy and population. Information on demographic variables in this publication is reproduced from the Census publications while remaining information on educational variables is a part of its regular collection. The population projections of school going children in the age group 6-11 and 11-14 years for all communities based on the projections worked out by the Expert Committee of the Planning Commission have also been provided in the publication. Over a period of time, a number of changes have taken place in terms of its coverage and presentation. Information on education of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes in this publication is of recent origin. From last few years, time-series information on some of the educational variables have also been produced at the all-India level. At five year interval data starting from year 1950-51 to 1990-91 and annual information during 1990-91 to 1997-98 on educational institutions, enrolment, percentage of girls enrolment to total enrolment by stages, enrolment ratio, drop-out rates at primary and middle levels of education and distribution of teachers by type of schools have also been published. The publication also contains district-wise literacy percentage in respect of total population and population belonging to SC & ST and number of schools, enrolment and teachers. An attempt has also been made to present comprehensive educational statistics of India in relation to a few selected countries. The volume contains 57 statistical statements along with a few charts (this para is based on the earlier issues of SES, for recent details please see SES: 2005-06).

Research Period
2005-06 (as on September 30, 2005)

Research Team

Members, Statistics Unit, Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi

Funding Source
Government of India

Research Geographic Area
All India, State-specific Data

Methodology Design

The Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, collects data presented in this document as a part of regular collection of annual statistics. The structured Data Capture Formats are used to collect information. Information is collected on school basis and all the recognised institutions are included in the collection.

Data Quality Issues

Though, information disseminated through this publication is provisional and selective in nature, its timely availability makes it useful. In case of a few states, previous year data is reported. The data presented is not complete. Information on a few variables, such as, grade-wise enrolment and repeaters is not disseminated. It contains only a limited data on financial aspects.

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