Scheme of Voluntary Schools

7.5.1 A new scheme of Voluntary Schools will be launched to cater to the needs of neglected, hilly, tribal and difficult areas where there is no provision of schooling. This scheme will enable voluntary agencies to conduct schools for UPE/UEE and stimulate community participation in planning and conducting schools in a locally appropriate manner.

7.5.2 The Voluntary Schools would be organized to serve all school children in a given village/habitation. Areas would be well defined with a population of not less than 150 so that the Voluntary School has at least a minimum of 30 children. Voluntary Schools would be expected to complete primary/elementary education of the required level in a specific period adequate for the pupils to master the curriculum. Learners enrolled in the Voluntary Schools may appear as external students for entry into any class of full-time formal school. Local teachers will be appointed to run the schools and adequate training will be provided to them. Supervision of the Voluntary Schools would be the responsibility of the Village Education Committee (VEC).

7.5.3 A system of monitoring and evaluation will be designed by the grant-giving agency to periodically evaluate the work of the school on the basis of five main criteria – enrolment, attendance, retention, achievement of minimum levels of learning, and community involvement.

7.5.4 Central assistance will be given to the eligible voluntary Agencies to run the schools.