Population Projections


PEOPLE is a user-friendly menu driven software a package for making population projections for use on any personal computer. It is comprehensive and flexible in its requirements for specifying the assumptions about the components of population change. It gives the user five options in the way the fertility assumptions can be specified, three for mortality and two for migration. Its flexibility makes it of use in contexts where the user wants to provide very detailed input data as part of the projection assumptions, or just a few parameters. The software is also convenient to use to assess the results of variant projections, that is projections for the same country or sub-populations made on the basis of differing assumptions. The programme facilitates direct comparisons of different projections both in tabular and graphics form.

A copy of the software can be obtained from the following address. You can also request copy of the manual.

Statistics Division
ESCAP, United Nations Building
Rajadamnern Avenue
Bangkok -10200 (THAILAND)

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