National Curriculum Framework

7.6.1 The National Policy on Education, 1986 envisaged a National System of Education based on a National Curricular Framework containing a common core along with the academic components. The NPE/POA envisaged a child-centred approach to education to promote universal enrolment and universal retention of children up to 14 years of age and substantial improvement in the quality of education in the school. In pursuance of NPE/POA, the National Council of Educational Research and training (NCERT) brought out in 1988 a National Curricular Framework for all stages of school education. The revised curriculum took into account the need for reduction of curriculum load, keeping in view the requirements for modernization and relevance.

7.6.2 Following the guidelines in the National Curricular Framework, the NCERT revised the entire school syllabi and brought out revised textbooks for classes I to VII. Based on the National Curricular Framework and the NCERT syllabi/textbooks, the State and Union Territories have also undertaken measures of curriculum renewal and development of new textbooks for different stages of school education for their introduction into the school system in a phased manner

Forty Years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019 (e-Book)

Forty years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019

Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021

UDISE, Interview of Prof. Arun C Mehta in Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021