Monitoring and Evaluation

7.8.1 With targets of UEE given separately for access, participation and enrolment, it will be necessary to develop a monitoring system that yields timely and reliable information with which to monitor enrolment, retention, completion and achievement. At present the system of data collection depends upon a manual collation of data at the block and district levels. Apart from time-lags in the compilation of data, this process restricts monitoring to the main indicators, due to which data essential for the monitoring of internal efficiency such as net enrolment figures, age-wise break-up of students, dropout ratios, transition rates, etc., are not obtained. In the 8th Plan, efforts would be made to computerize the data collection system at the district level, introducing user friendly software developed under the COPE project of NIEPA and giving computer training to district and block education staff. Data will be entered and stored in computers in each district office, and the NICNET used to transmit it to the state and national levels. A scheme for computerization of educational statistics has been introduced but this needs further streamlining. A Cell for Monitoring of UEE can be set up at the State level. The computerization at district level will begin in phases, taking 4/5 districts in the first year and gradually replacing the manual system with the computerized system till by the end of the 8th Plan, the entire system is computerized. The database will be gradually expanded, so that information relevant not only to monitor the internal efficiency of the educational system but also for micro planning and to improve and inform the district management functioning, can be obtained.

7.9.2 In addition to quantitative data, the qualitative monitoring of achievement will also be introduced. The National Evaluation Organization (NEO) et up to assess the learning acquired by children at the end of the primary and upper primary stages will yield data for this purpose.

7.9.3 Reputed agencies, NGOs, NCERT, NIEPA, SCERT, etc. will be engaged in the external evaluation of the programme.

Forty Years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019 (e-Book)

Forty years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019

Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021

UDISE, Interview of Prof. Arun C Mehta in Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021