Load of the school bag

7.6.2 The tendency on the part of some schools, particularly in urban areas, to recommend a large number of books, has contributed to overburdening of students. The Ministry of Human Resource Development requested the State Governments/UTs to instruct the schools not to prescribe more books than necessary.

7.6.3 Of late, concern has been expressed in various forums, including both Houses of Parliament, about the increasing academic burden, particularly at the junior classes in schools. The whole question of curriculum load is a complex one and there are no simple solutions. It has to be tackled in a comprehensive way and would include curricular reform, examination reform, better pedagogical practices and teacher training. NCERT has given the guidelines but a more concerted effort to adopt them needs to be made by the State Education Departments, the SCERTs, the Boards and other educational bodies. Keeping in view this concern, the Government have appointed a Committee under the chairmanship of Professor Yash Pal, Ex-Chairman of the University Grants Commission, to devise ways to reduce the academic burden on school in a time bound manner. The report of this Committee is awaited.

Forty Years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019 (e-Book)

Forty years of Arun C Mehta at NIEPA: 1980 to 2019

Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021

UDISE, Interview of Prof. Arun C Mehta in Times of India, New Delhi, 21st September 2021