Launching of national mission

7.7.1 The Revised Policy Formulations provide for launching of a National Mission for the achievement of the goal of UEE. This being an important and immediate task, suitable mechanisms will be worked out to identify the objectives, strategies, functions, structure, etc. of the proposed National Mission. In this process wide consultations will be held with the State Governments, voluntary agencies, educational and social institutions, educationists, women activists, etc. The proposed Mission will have the central objective of mobilizing all the resources, human, financial and institutional, necessary for achieving the goal of UEE.

7.7.2 The Mission will be made operational during the year 1993-94, when all centrally sponsored schemes such as Micro planning, OB, NFE, MLL for quality improvement, etc. will be transferred to the Mission, so that implementation of UEE at the State, District, Block and village levels can be operated through the Mission mode.