UnifiedDistrict Information System for Education (UDISE) Documents

DISE, which later became the UDISE, was initiated in 1994-95 when the Country launched the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP). Initially, it covered the primary level of education and subsequently upgraded to the entire elementary level of education and then to the secondary and higher secondary levels. Since 2018-19, UDISE, now known as Unified DISE+ (UDISEplus), has been managed by the Department of School Education & Literacy of the Ministry of Education.


District Report Cards: 2005-06 (Volume I)

District Report Cards: 2005-06 (Volume II)

DISE 2005-06: Major Highlights

Student Flow at Primary Level

Report of Common School System

11th Five Year Plan: Elementary Education & SSA

DISE Flash Statistics & EDI

Presentation on EDI

Suggestive Framework for EDI Computation

1 Million+ School Report Cards

Elementary Education in India: Analytical Report 2005

Elementary Education in India: Analytical Report 2005 (Only Tables)

Selected Educational Statistics: 2004-05

State Report Cards 2005

Elementary Education in Rural India 2005

Elementary Education in Urban India 2005

District Report Cards 2005 (Volume I)

District Report Cards 2005 (Volume II)

Drop-out Rates based on DISE 2004 & 2005 Data

Elementary Education in India: Analytical Report 2004

Major Findings of Analytical Report 2004

Elementary Education in Unrecognised Schools in India:  A Study of Punjab

Universalisation of Secondary Education: CABE Committee Report

Right to Education Bill 2005

Elementary Education in India: District Report Cards 2004

Elementary Education in India: District Report Cards 2003

Elementary Education in India: Where do we stand? Analytical Report 2003

Final District-specific Population & Literacy Data (Zip)

District Report Cards 2003, Raw Data (Zip)

Projected Population (5-18 Year) by RGI up to 2016

Age-specific Population: 6-11, 11-14 & 6-14 Year Population

Modules for Quantitative Analysis of Educational Data

Down Load: Software for Education Planning & Management