Indicators of Educational Development: Concepts, Definitions & Real Life Data


Indicators of Educational Development: Concepts and Definitions of a Set of Indicators

From Indicators of Enrolment to Attendance Rate

Indicators of Educational Development: A Core Paper

Indicators to Monitoring Upper Primary Education

Report of the Training Programme on Use of Indicators in Planning Elementary Education

Real Life Data
Real Life Data: Statement I

Real Life Data: Statement II

EFA 18-Core Indicators

NCERT Sixth All India Education Survey Data

Statement I

Statement II

Statement III

Statement IV

State-specific Census 2001 Population Data

District-specific Literates and Literacy Rates, 2001

District Report Card 2003 (Raw Data), All Districts Together

District Report Cards: 2005-06 (Volume I)

District Report Cards: 2005-06 (Volume II)

Student Flow at Primary Level


Down Load: Software for Education Planning & Management