Part VII

Making the System Work

7.1 It is obvious that these and many other new tasks of education cannot be performed in a state of disorder. Education needs to be managed in an atmosphere of utmost intellectual rigour, seriousness of purpose and, at the same time, of freedom essential for innovation and creativity. While far-reaching changes will have to be incorporated in the quality and range of education, the process of introducing discipline into the system will have to be started, here and now, in what exists.

7.2 The country has placed boundless trust in the educational system. The people have a right to expect concrete results. The first task is to make it work all teachers should teach and all students study.

7.3 The strategy in this behalf will consist of:

a) a better deal to teachers with greater accountability;

b) provision of improved students services and insistence on observance of acceptable norms of behavior;

c) provision of better facilities to institutions; and

d) creation of a system of performance appraisals of institutions according to standards and norms set at the National or State levels.