Awards won by the UDISE Team at NIEPA

Review of EMIS in Ghana, Cambodia, Iraq, Nepal & Southern-Sudan

In view of progress made in India towards strengthening Educational Management Information System in India, a number of countries including Ghana, Sothern Sudan and Cambodia invited Prof. Arun C Mehta, Formally Professor & Head of the Department of EMIS, NIEPA, New Delhi to review their EMIS. Prof. Mehta while at NIEPA, New Delhi visited these countries, had intensive discussions on different aspects of EMIS and presented Mission Report to authorities many  recommendations of which were implemented.

Read  Complete Mission Report here

Under the leadership of Prof. Mehta, DISE-UDISE were developed in India which significantly addressed limitations in the EMIS which later awarded numerous national and regional awards including  e-Governance, eINDIA, Manthan Shttp://www.udise.inouth Asia and EMPI Indian Express Innovation Awards.

Strengthening Educational Management Information System in India through U-DISE(A Story of its Evolution)

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