Education Sector in the Union Budget 2022-23

Education Sector in the Union Budget 2022-23, Analysis by Arun C Mehta

Based on the information made available in the Union Budget 2022, an effort has been made to have a look at the budget, actual and revised estimates in case of the allocation made to the Ministry of Education. Needless to mention that the ministry has two departments namely the Department of School Education & Literacy and the Department of Higher Education all the activities of the ministry fall under these two departments.

However, the focus of the present note is more on the School Education Department which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that it sends an adequate number of secondary graduates to the higher education without which the goal of 50 per cent GER as envisaged in NEP 2020 is not likely to be realized by 2030.

Without improving the efficiency of the school education, the higher education sector is not expected to receive an adequate number of secondary graduates because of which the school education department must receive adequate funds to initiate activities as adopted in the NEP 2020.

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Panel meets with some shortlisted candidates for next NCERT chief
Indian Express, January 15, 2022

The committee to select the next director of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) held interactions with a few shortlisted candidates on Thursday, sources said. The autonomous body, which assists and advises the government on policies for improvement in school education, has not had a full-time director for more than a year now.

The five-year term of the previous full-time director of the autonomous body, Prof Hrushikesh Senapaty’s, ended in November, 2020. Since then, Prof Sridhar Srivastava has been holding the position as director in-charge.

Sources said Prof Srivastava was among the candidates with whom the search-cum-selection committee held interactions on Thursday. The other candidates include head of the NCERT’s Department of Education in Social Sciences, Dr Gouri Srivastava, and the principal of the Bhubaneswar Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Prof PC Agarwal. The RIE is a constituent unit of the NCERT.

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